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Advanced-Design Engineering
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Welcome to Advanced-Design Engineering located in beautiful Sonora, CA.  We specialize in
manufacturing frame swap kits to install your 47-55 1st series GM truck body onto 1982-2003
S10/S15 truck frames.
 We opened for business in March of 2004 and have grown a lot since then.  
Customer support is always a number one priority for us.  It is our belief that an informed decision
to purchase requires a thorough understanding of the product so we appreciate your questions and
provide prompt responses.  After the sale we provide constant assistance via phone and email.  We
send hundreds of photos a year to provide ideas and solve issues during installation.  

This said, you are invited to enter our site and dig into every corner where you'll find tons of helpful
information.  Make sure to check out our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions as
well as the CUSTOMER RIDES page showing off a small spattering of our customers' projects.

Thank you again for visiting our site.  We appreciate your business.
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Holy Cow!  Did we ever have a complete technology crash.  Finally breaking loose
from the grip of evil (Our opinion of AT&T) we were greeted with the loss of our
domain name hosting which cascaded into losing all of our business email and the
crashing of our website.  We're up and running again and ready to tackle the new year!

We have a bunch of new products rolling out.  Our new multi-engine motor mounts
are the first to be released and these have had an unbelievable impact!  These are
selling at an unbelievable rate.  With all the new products comes one inevitable
change.  We will be discontinuing our cab forward kit beginning January 1, 2014.  
This kit causes havoc with inventory control and normally just slows our customers
progress when converting a complete truck.  

Currently, we are finishing up the engineering, design, computer modeling and laser
prototyping of the new parts throughout the holidays and into January.  We will be
posting updates as soon as possible.  We have also begun construction of a new shop
truck to showcase the new products once they are complete and tested.  

So, keep an eye on the website...

We at ADE wish you the best for the holidays and a wonderful new year!